Frequently Asked Questions


The Directory: an archive containing all relevant information regarding UNITWIN, UNESCO Chairs and Category 2 Centres that allows users to filter and download information.

The Forum: A platform for exchanging ideas, launching topics and debating issues relevant to all active members

News and Events: A section for announcements related to the various activities of all registered members.

Resources: A searchable list containing all of the member's contributions to the Network.

Uploads: A form that allows registered users to contribute to the Resources page. 

All information regarding the Category 2 Centres, as well as the guidelines
for cooperation, can be found on the home page grid.

All information regarding Chairs and UNITWIN Networks, as well as the guidelines for cooperation, can be found on the home page grid.


All users that would like to enjoy access to the different features must register. If you represent a C2C or Chair or UNITWIN Network you must fill out the registration form; if you are a UNESCO staff member, a member of the Advisory body or a guest, you must only register with the Forum by clicking here.

Upon registration, any C2C, Chair Member, Network Member, Advisory Body member or Expert, you will have full access to the site. If you are not affiliated with UNESCO in any way, you will have restricted access to the Forum and Upload page.

No, your profile will be reviewed and accepted or declined by one of the administrators of the site. The process of accepting your profile might take up to 2 days.



It depends, if you are a UNESCO Chair or Category 2 Centre, you will be automatically registered by ticking the box at the end of the Registration Form. If you are neither a Chair nor a C2C, you must register with the Forum. 

You must login into the forum, click on the New Topic tab and fill out the form; you can add files, videos, URLs and more when using the forum.

It is pretty simple, you can first select a category and then click on the new topic button and start drafting it.. 


Reports and Documents are items any registered member has uploaded into the database of the Network. These items can contain images, notes, reports, videos and lore. They can also be consulted, downloaded and shared by anyone on the site. 

Any registered Category 2 Centre staff, UNITWIN/Chair and any member affiliated with UNESCO can upload documents to the Network. Uploads for non-affiliated members register with the Network is not permissible. 

After registration, you can click on the tab menu button called “Uploads”, fill-out the form and share your item. You can consult it immediately on the Reports and Documents page


Report an issue

If you have encountered any issues related to incorrect displaying of information, broken links, unresponsive pages, please go to the tab and click on the button “Help”.

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