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The Tributaire Collection Story: Elevating Design Narratives

February 28, 2024
  • A&D

Discover our inspiration behind the design of the Tributaire Collection, seamlessly blending aesthetic beauty with practicality to elevate modern interiors.


At KI, we believe in the transformative power of furniture – how it shapes spaces, influences interactions, and inspires creativity.

Our largest and most significant furniture collection to date, the Tributaire Collection stands as a testament to the creative expertise of industrial designer Shawn Barrett of Barrettype and his approach to contemporary design.

With a philosophy centered around dynamic simplicity, Barrett has masterfully crafted a collection that not only solves user problems but does so with an elegant minimalism that sparks excitement.

All said, we believe Tributaire isn't just a collection; it's a design philosophy that seamlessly merges the essential with the extraordinary. Explore the design story of Tributaire in our exclusive insights below.


The Design Inspiration: A Fluid Journey

At the heart of Tributaire lies its signature leg, inspired by the graceful flow of tributary waters. Barrett's design thinking mirrors the natural response of water encountering an obstruction – a rock in a stream.

The Tributaire leg seamlessly navigates the challenge of inline nesting tables, mimicking the fluidity of water as it gracefully flows around obstacles. This inspiration results in a design that is not only functional but visually captivating, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and purpose.

Listen to Barrett describe his nature-inspired design perspective in the video below.


A Symphony of Versatility & Coherence

Barrett emphasizes the importance of correct proportions in achieving a cohesive design aesthetic. The Tributaire Collection achieves this balance while presenting a diverse range of table styles, storage solutions, lecterns, and screens.

The inline nesting table, a particularly challenging point of focus, was elegantly designed with a brilliant solution to maintain both intuitive functionality and correct proportion.

As such, the Tributaire training table offers unparalleled ease of use. Anyone can approach it and instantly understand its functionality.

The ability to nest tables of different depths—as well as adjustable height with fixed height tables—provides designers with a versatile advantage, allowing you to mix and match, providing a personalized touch to each project.


Unique Solutions for Agile Environments

Tributaire isn't confined to a singular purpose; it's a collection that adapts to diverse environments. From upscale conference rooms to elegant touch-down spaces and everything in between, Tributaire meets the needs of dozens of applications in higher education and workplaces as well as government institutions and healthcare facilities.

The elements within the collection are intentionally designed to support agile environments with toolless ganging to allow seamless integrations. This facilitates modular connections, like table-to-table ganging for tidy rows; on-demand solutions such as mobile instructor desks with lecterns ganged to post-leg tables; or even a media-sharing solution with the monitor stand ganged to a post-leg table.

With these dynamic features, Tributaire empowers you to infuse practical purpose into your creative design visions.


Upscale Materials & Finishing Touches   

For the design of Tributaire, the selection of materials and finishes was thoughtfully curated.

Crafted with aesthetic innovation, each piece in the collection boasts premium materials, from polished appearance base options to high-end laminates and sophisticated matte paint options.

The result is a comprehensive design range that not only functions seamlessly but also adds distinct sophistication to any environment you design.


A Designer’s Paradise: Appealing to Discerning Taste

With Barrett's purposeful design philosophy and commitment to problem-solving, the Tributaire Collection is an ideal choice for the discerning tastes of interior designers and space planners everywhere.

The remarkable simplicity and thoughtful design language of Tributaire serve as a canvas for you to infuse elegance and distinction into your spaces. In this way, the collection becomes more than just furniture; it becomes a powerful, transformative tool for you to express creativity and vision with purpose and poise.

Explore the Tributaire Collection at and bring a touch of dynamic simplicity to your next design project.

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