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How does furniture impact the learning experience?

As a leader in educational furniture solutions, we continually strive to understand the answer to this question. Through our Ruckus Research Program, we've uncovered valuable insights that highlight the most essential needs of the modern classroom environment.

Explore the findings from our most recent research below. Then, contact us to discover how KI furniture can positively impact the learning experience for your education space.


Ruckus Research at Buffalo Grove

See how the Ruckus research program impacted the students and teachers at Buffalo Grove High School.


Results Recap


To gauge the level of impact on the learning experience, students and teachers were asked to rate the following areas before and after they received the "kit" of new furniture from the Ruckus research program:

  • Move "however I want"
  • Work comfortably with technology
  • Work in groups
  • Engagement/participation
  • Enjoyment/retention

The results showed increases between 30% and 60% within each area. That's an incredible impact!

Overall, the top driver in all age levels was the freedom to move. KI proudly manufactures furniture solutions that support this vital need and so much more. Specifically, the "kit" of new furniture that helped support the needs of the modern classroom included the Ruckus Collection, Pillar Tables, MyPlace Lounge Seating, Instruct Desks and Connection Zone Mobile Screens.

See the remarkable before and after photos below.

Before and After Classroom Photos

See the noticeable difference made by a "kit" of new furniture at these nine schools.

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