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Power of Design

The power of design transforms how we experience and interact within our spaces.

We at KI understand your desire to create environments that inspire as well as adapt to the evolving needs of life, learning, and work. It’s the constant search for solutions that captivate, functionality that meets the dynamic needs of modern spaces, and aesthetics that push the boundaries of creativity.

In showroom #1181 at NeoCon 2024, we invite you to discover how KI furniture solutions are at the forefront of innovative spaces that elevate engagement and connection.

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Future of Engagement

The experience in showroom #1181 immerses you in the latest trends and innovations that answer the complex needs of modern environments. Our crafted spaces foster a sense of belonging, productivity, and well-being. See a convergence of ideas, creativity, and forward-thinking professionals like you.

Here’s what awaits you:



Activating Independent and Community Areas

Experience how KI solutions expertly balance the need for individual focus areas (“me” spaces) with dynamic community zones (“we” spaces).

Our designs recognize the importance of both solitude and collaboration, offering versatile furniture that can be reconfigured to match the shifting dynamics of how spaces are used. By strategically activating these areas, we help drive user outcomes that not only enhance productivity or learning but also instill a deep sense of belonging.  


Pace within Space

Explore the concept of flow within spatial design – the art of allowing individuals to find their own pace within a space, whether for a moment, a day, a month, or a semester.

KI’s innovative approach to furniture design empowers individuals with the agency to adapt their environments to their needs, ensuring they can seamlessly move with their own current. This flexibility is critical in today’s fast-paced world, where the ability to adjust and find one’s flow can significantly impact engagement and satisfaction.



Unparalleled Products

From the largest table collection KI has ever launched to several new seating solutions, see how our latest designs prepare for the future of workplace, education, healthcare, and government environments.



Tributaire Table Collection 

Inspired by the graceful flow of water into tributaries, this visually stunning yet highly functional collection creates elegant environments with extensive styles in premium finishes.

Sonrisa Lounge Furniture 

From the Spanish word “smile,” Sonrisa highlights casual comfort in small-scale lounge seating complemented by beautifully crafted hairpin-style occasional tables. 

Orenda Casegoods 

Orenda combines style, flexibility, and value for a practical yet refined solution with an abundance of forms, components, and finishes that offer limitless possibilities.

Fresh Finishes 

Let your creativity flourish with new paint and poly colors in nature-inspired hues and our expanded line of graded laminates, designed to inspire and enhance your environment.  

Zoetry Lounge with Tablet Arm

Zoetry Lounge with Tablet Arm

A new swivel tablet arm upholds the signature elegance of Zoetry. Effortlessly integrate into lounge seating and benches in left-, right-, or dual-sided configurations.

LimeLite Conference Seating

with Enhanced Motion

With 13 degrees of articulation, these new seating options feature LimeLite’s iconic contours and inherent flex to optimize comfort in signature spaces.

Nav & Cheevo Esports Chairs

Nav & Cheevo Esports Chairs

Crafted specifically for the discerning needs of esports enthusiasts of any age, Nav & Cheevo perfectly complement any aesthetic and provide the long-lasting comfort gamers are looking for.




Zeker Modular Seating

With its soft, plush design and versatile modularity, Zeker offers a myriad of curved and linear configurations that prioritize comfort and placemaking.



Passel Workspace Collection

Offering a clean yet contemporary visual language, Passel is integrated and user-driven to maximize limited space for single-user or shared open-plan areas.



Exclusive Insights

Gain valuable insights from our team of designers and product specialists.

Melissa Jorgenson & Shawn Barrett Tributaire

Melissa Jorgenson & Shawn Barrett

Sam Amenson & Xue Vang Sonrisa

Sam Amenson & Xue Vang

Julie Stadtmueller & Aaron DeJule LimeLite

Julie Stadtmueller & Aaron DeJule


Agile-Based Design Solution

Infinity from KI Logo

Furniture is an investment; you shouldn’t have to compromise.

When visionary organizations desire a solution unique to the way they do business, turn to Infinity From KI. This innovative agile-based process for modifying or co-creating furniture solutions lets organizations see their ideas come to life as distinctive furniture solutions designed for them and with them.


It allows you to:


Design on the Fly
Design on the Fly

Experience this unique collaborative experience with the innovative thinkers on the Infinity From KI team. Share your thoughts, discuss a challenge, sketch ideas. The team will collaborate in real time showing you the power of rapid conceptualization and iteration.

Ideate, Iterate, Install
Ideate, Iterate, Install

Follow this agile-based process from “napkin sketch” to manufactured product. The Infinity From KI process and resulting products will be on display in the showroom. Featured is a new style workspace to support hybrid working or learning based on a similar solution co-created for a large tech company.  


Why Visit the KI Showroom?

NeoCon is the perfect backdrop – and KI the perfect venue – to forge new relationships, share ideas, and find inspiration among the best in the industry. We’re here to push the boundaries of design with you. Together, let’s reimagine the future of environments where we work, learn, and heal. 

Be Inspired: Discover how our "me" to "we" space solutions foster both independence and community.

Learn: Dive into the design philosophy that allows for the natural “Flow” of life’s pace within space.

Connect: Engage with like-minded professionals and discuss the future of dynamic space utilization and how KI furniture supports engagement, productivity, and belonging.

Collaborate: Find new ways to enhance your projects with innovative and unique furniture solutions by leveraging the Infinity From KI process.



Let’s Party!

After a four-year hiatus, we’re bringing our legendary party back.
Join us for mixed drinks and musical mash-ups.

Time: 4 to 6 p.m.
Date: Monday, June 10
Place: KI Showroom, 11th Floor, #1181

RSVP for a VIP experience.


Showroom Highlights

For your convenience, download a PDF of our NeoCon 2024 showroom highlights. 

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